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Affiliate Partnership

Let us sumarize the Advantages of Affiliate Partnership and the steps to become an Affiliate Partner. 

What are your benefits?


All product features and costs are available on

Unique affiliate link, coupon codes: 

The Reseller partners get their own affiliate links through which all visits to the site can be traced automatically. Coupon codes enable new client subscriptions to identify the Reseller using offline media for promotion.

Instant activation:

GreenCaller can be activated on any client's html site automatically.

No IT support or financial integration:

No need for web development, you embed a code and the service is working. The client subscribes and pays online. 


References and use cases are provided to support online campaigns. 


Your Commission

GreenCaller continuously monitors the revenue generated by you.

One-time commission is paid after each new client subscription*

  * You have the chance to use your commission to subscribe to your GreenCaller plan, or get your one-time commission every 3 month against your invoice. 


How to become an Affiliate Partner?

    To become a GreenCaller partner, register and use GreenCaller on your own site.
    Send the following information to or to our partner managers.
  •                ► website(s) on which you use GreenCaller,
  •                ► your logo,
  •                ► describe your core activity and client base,
  •                ► marketing activity you plan to your clients.

    Check the affiliate guide that we send you via e-mail including your affiliate link.

    Start earning revenue via GreenCaller now.
It only takes a few minutes. You have nothing to lose.  Sign up now


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