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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about GreenCaller. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us via GreenCaller. (Simply click on the GreenCaller button on the leftmost corner.)


What can provide which Skype cannot?

Skype can be used only if it is installed on the customer’s computer and if the customer is willing to use a headset/microphone. By contrast, Greencaller will work immediately, without any installation required, and also enables contact by phone.


Do visitors need a microphone for the call?

No, visitors do not have to have a microphone. Is they do not have one, they can contact you free of charge by entering their phone number on your website.

I use the Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords system. Is it possible to measure calls as a conversion?

Yes, it is possible to specify your own GA code or any conversion tracking code (e.g. AdWords Javascript).


How many more customers will I have?

With the Greencaller you can lay your hands on the visitors who have questions left after reading through your website. They are the ones who would likely continue their search on other website if the Greencaller were not there. With the Greencaller, however, they can receive from you the answers they need with one single click.

Will the phone ring day and night, even at weekends?

By specifying your opening hours and working days, you can accurately define the time windows when you wish to receive calls. Visitors arriving outside opening house can request a call back: we will notify you about such requests by email.

Is it possible to connect this service to our CRM system?

Customised solutions, integrated systems, SMS notifications and call lists can all be created: please submit your requests to our Customer Service!

Will this not result in too many phone calls? We cannot afford hiring new staff.

The Greencaller button can also be applied in a targeted way: insert it on the sites related to the sales process, where churn is the largest.

Is it possible to display another welcome video?

If you wish to display some else or make your own welcome video, please contact our Customer Service!

We would like to insert a call start button that better suits our image and website.

It is possible to embed a button of any style: our development documentation provides a detailed description of the possibilities you have after registration.

Can the Greencaller also be used on Google Sites?

Yes, the Greencaller’s iframe version can also be safely embedded.



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