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A key to success in tourism

Focus on innovative solutions can lead to success for tourism companies

Nine in ten SME-sized accommodation providers struggle to increase the number of guests, but only few are aware of promising innovative solutions
Small businesses operating in the tourism sector can achieve an increase of as high as 35 percent with the use of innovative technological solution – the online sales and marketing survey conducted by the team developing online customer acquisition service GreenCaller reveals.
Ninety percent of small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism sector want to increase the number of their foreign guests, while 74 percent believe it would be useful if these potential customers could gain information about the service they offer through international toll-free call option embedded in the website. Surprisingly, however, 65 percent overlook any new technology solution that could boost their business; a recent survey conducted by the experts of among more than 200 accommodation providers reveals.
The research focused on whether the respondents would like to have more guests, what type of guests they long for, and what kind of efforts they are willing to make for this goal. Survey responses mirrored a rather inconsistent attitude among these enterprises: private accommodation providers, even two or three star hotels realize they have to take definite steps to increase sales, but they are still not open to new technologies.
"With an eye on the growing number of online tools and technologies, one must not forget such traditional sales techniques as personal contact. During the process of online shopping or ordering, most people miss the phase when they can ask the seller which products or services she or he offers and why. This is also possible in the online world, nevertheless. Those who use the one-click, free Internet telephone contact option might experience an increase as high as 35 percent in their website’s conversion rate. That is, more website visitors turn into actual guests” – Péter Faragó online sales professional explains.
Tourism trends also indicate that even with the dynamic spread of online ordering systems, one in every three European accommodation seeker still wishes to get in personal contact with the hotel or guesthouse via telephone during the process of reservation. This fact that also underlines the importance of direct contact tools on the website.
Statistical data within the whole European Union shows that expansion in tourism is typically limited to four or five star hotels. “One of the reasons for the handicap of smaller businesses could be poor-quality online presence and service, as well as a weaker understanding of up-to-date marketing solutions" – says Péter Faragó. The lack of multi-lingual company websites is also a significant disadvantage. 
However, it also seems the time is ripe for accommodation providers in Central and Eastern Europe to seize the initiative now: after years of recession, the tourism sector shows clear signs of recovery in this part of the continent. Thus, an addition to the company website could come in as more than useful in the next months.
One-click, free-of-charge Internet telephone contact is a promising tool for small, two or three star hotels to strengthen their market presence and excel from among the crowd of accommodation providers. In the process of online orientation and purchase, personal contact could be the decision point for visitors. "Those who made contact with the service provider beforehand can arrive to the hotel with an ease of heart, just as if they were returning guests, as they have already talked to the staff, checked the level of service and gained information on nearby attractions, programs and events" – Péter Faragó emphasizes.
Press contact:
Judit Csik
Skawa Innovation
+36 20 960 3039
A built-in, international toll-free service for corporate websites, GreenCaller is an award-winning business solution of Skawa Innovation. GreenCaller enables web page visitors to get free and instant help by the click of a button, over the phone or using the laptop’s microphone/speaker.  As a unique advantage, the service does not require any special software installed on the users’ side. Client conversion results achieved by using GreenCaller are traceable and measurable. Initially used by banks and insurance companies, GreenCaller can be found today on web pages of hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the experience of companies using GreenCaller, client conversion efficiency can be improved measurably. Further information:

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