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PinkCaller set online dating more attractive

New one-click web-based phone tool premieres at Online Dating Summit in Barcelona

With mobile taking over traditional web-based technologies and with some 80 percent of dating site users showing a clear preference to phone conversations, online dating sites will be watching out for solutions that address both trends, says Peter Farago, developer of PinkCaller. In the ever-expanding market of online dating, a secure, easy, one-click online call tool integrated into online dating platforms, is bound to take client experience to the next level, significantly boosting revenues for online dating sites even when members are not online. As Farago puts it, it is back to basics, at a whole new level.
With Online Dating Summit 2012 just around the corner, players of the online dating industry are already gearing up to getting a hard look of the future of internet dating, and into all that's hot enough to boost traffic and member communities for online dating sites. 
When it comes to end-user needs, there are two crucial developments shaping the future of online dating sites. First, mobile is taking over traditional online use at such a stunning pace that international dating site Plenty of Fish thinks it is not the future we are looking at, saying, "web is dead". Through its mobile application, the site has reached 3 billion pageviews a month in its first 'mobile year', hot on the heels of the website, which has 4 billion views a month, while its online signups are currently at 40 percent, up from 10 percent in the past year. Second, a development that, in a world dominated by social media, offers important food for thought: according to one of the biggest online dating sites, over 80 percent of singles prefer phone conversations to other forms of interaction with potential dates.
“Most members of a dating site want to have real-time voice chats with other members, but at the same time, they don't want to reveal their mobile numbers to anyone, or bother with downloading software, registering user accounts, and always be online to take calls” – Farago points out. “We have developed PinkCaller, which I will be introducing at this year's Online Dating Summit, to help dating sites in allowing end users to go back to basics, but with all the privacy, control and flexibility they need. As a result, PinkCaller generates increased user activity and additional income for any dating site, even when members are offline.”
Press contact:
Judit Csik
Skawa Innovation
+36 20 960 3039
PinkCaller was developed to manage instant, one-click incognito phone calls which work directly from a website without the need for any external application, or even a microphone connected to the user's computer. It can be integrated into any dating site very easily through its very simple API interface. With phone calls through the dating site served by the cloud infrastructure, it is able to manage PC to PC, PC to phone and phone-to-phone calls. PinkCaller is a Flash-based service which guarantees platform and browser independence. On Flash-disabled devices, PinkCaller uses its phone-to-phone functionality.
Further information:
A built-in, international toll-free service for corporate websites, GreenCaller is an award-winning business solution of Skawa Innovation. GreenCaller enables web page visitors to get free and instant help by the click of a button, over the phone or using the laptop’s microphone/speaker.  As a unique advantage, the service does not require any special software installed on the users’ side. Client conversion results achieved by using GreenCaller are traceable and measurable. Initially used by banks and insurance companies, GreenCaller can be found today on web pages of hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the experience of companies using GreenCaller, client conversion efficiency can be improved measurably.
Further information:

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