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Turning website visitors into customers

Companies increasingly need smart, low-cost online sales solutions

Today, less than five percent of website visitors can be turned into customers – a phenomenon most businesses suffer more than from the lack of working capital.

There are very few efficient ways to improve that appalling conversion rate, but that is where innovation is heading, says Peter Farago, who developed GreenCaller to help companies worldwide change this trend globally at a very low cost.
For every $100 spent on driving traffic to websites, Adobe Omniture estimates companies spend only $1 converting that traffic into business. In economies badly hit by crisis, and with annual average client attrition rates between 7 and 40 percent, companies are finding themselves hard-pressed to improve the conversion of their websites and turn more and more visitors into clients.
Global surveys show that 90 percent of visitors to any small or medium-sized company's website end up making their purchase somewhere else. And that is the case even if the product or the service offered perfectly suits the visitor's needs. Online visitors who don't find the answers to their specific questions on a website, and are not offered immediate online assistance, will jump to the next search item, with a high chance of concluding business on the website of one of the larger competitors.
In an attempt to boost online sales, corporations can invest in call centres, website and software development, extensive online marketing campaigns, social media profiles or online promotions to drive traffic towards websites and build direct contacts with customers. Or, alternatively, as do 91 percent of all small and medium-sized enterprises according to Harvard Business Review, do absolutely nothing to retain their clients. 
"Whichever path they choose to take, they equally fail when it comes to website conversion rates", Peter Farago points out. "It's crucial to be at hand with tailor-made answers to visitors' questions exactly at the time that most decisions of purchase are either made or abandoned". 
"Websites, especially those of small and medium-sized enterprises, need globally adaptable, single-click, toll-free solutions to maximise their conversion rates, and that is where innovation is, and should be heading", says Farago. "I launched my start-up project GreenCaller to develop the best example of an online sales tool that closes all the gaps in the process of converting interest into business, allowing enterprises big and small to grow."
A built-in, international toll-free service for corporate websites, GreenCaller is an award-winning business solution of Skawa Innovation. GreenCaller enables web page visitors to get free and instant help by the click of a button, over the phone or using the laptop’s microphone/speaker.  As a unique advantage, the service does not require any special software installed on the users’ side. Client conversion results achieved by using GreenCaller are traceable and measurable. Initially used by banks and insurance companies, GreenCaller can be found today on web pages of hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the experience of companies using GreenCaller, client conversion efficiency can be improved measurably.
Further information:
Press release, 08. February, 2012
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