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How does it Work?

GreenCaller can be easily integrated into any html website, newsletter, email, ad banner or even Facebook pages, by embedding a unique link generated in the personal GreenCaller account of the users. 

There is no need to download any application to use the GreenCaller service, it works directly from the website. So the visitors and the website owners do not have to wait for installing or approving the connection to start the conversation.

GreenCaller uses flash technology to connect the website visitors using microphone with the phone of the website operator's customer service.

For visitors without a headset, GreenCaller provides instant phone-to-phone connection for free.

Custom settings and personal html link options to embed to your website are available after registration.

Call Options


The GreenCaller service contains the following features for your convinience:

  • Opening Hours               Set the working hours when you are ready to receive calls. 
  • Welcome video                A short video welcomes the visitors of your website.
  • Google Analyitcs/ROI     Conversion rates and calls are measureable in Analytics or Adwords.
  • Call statistics              Daily call lists and stats are available in your account.
  • Dialer option              Outbound calls can be conducted by you or your colleagues debiting your balance.
  • Calls via Headset or Telephone    Set the channel that you prefer to use on your site.
  • Call alerts                 Missed calls and call-back requests will be forwarded in email or SMS.
  • Incognito  number          All calls are put through the central GreenCaller server, so nobody will see your private phone number.
Do you have a question regarding GreenCaller? Please read our FAQ or call us for free by clicking on the GreenCaller button in the top left corner. 

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